Let me guess why you’re here; you were once bowled over by the beauty of stained glass and were desperate to have a go yourself. You bought the tools, watched the YouTube videos and started making stained glass.

But you never quite hit those heights of beauty that so inspired you.

Your circles are always 'off' and your curves don’t fit together.

promise this can be fixed, so that

  • your curved pieces fit together snugly
  • you save time on grinding
  • and YOU'RE in control of where the glass breaks!

My Conquering Curves course shines a spotlight just where you need it most; on cutting perfect curves.

With videos and worksheets, it contains all my tips for successfully tackling those pesky curves once and for all.

For the first time you’ll be making beautiful stained glass that lives up to your dreams. Stained glass that even you can't find fault with. However hard you try.

You’ll be basking in a warm glow for weeks.

  • IMAGE: Expert curve cutting by online student Regina Seaman

Curves That Fit Snugly

Neatly fitting curves by online student Lori Jones

Even Solder Lines

Accurate inside curves by student Mitzi Mallon

Perfect Inside Curves

Neat curves cut by student Byron Miles

Nail those pesky inside curves and make beautiful stained glass that fits together perfectly

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What Students REALLY Think Of The Cutting Tips



Why I Made The Conquering Curves Course

I still find making stained glass magical, even after 30 years of teaching it and making it.

Part of the magic is having the confidence to know what I’m doing without having to think about it. That when I cut curves I know they’ll fit together nicely and won’t spoil my finished piece.

From my teaching experience I know that cutting curves causes a problem for students. Conquering Curves shows you ways to fix it. No distractions, no faffing around, just straight to the heart of the matter.

My aim is that cutting neat, fitting curves becomes second nature to you. Leaving you to get lost in the magic of making.

Create Gorgeous Flowing Curves

Milly's online student Anna Dewell masters the art of cutting glass curves

Here Are The Skills You'll Perfect With The Conquering Curves Course

The Conquering Curves course will teach you how to cut every type of curve accurately.

Each step has a detailed video showing how to cut a different type of curve. To help you I’ve included all the cutting tricks I’ve learned over the years.

There’s a worksheet with each video so that you can practise and learn to conquer curves yourself.

Here’s a quick look at what’s in the course:

  • Outside Curves, starting with a simple one to get you warmed up and moving on to cutting a circle. Accurately.
  • Inside Curves, taking you through the steps for achieving a lovely neat inside curve and moving on to advanced techniques. You’ll even get to cut a right angle!
  • Cutting Complex Shapes, where you’ll understand the importance of cutting in the correct order and conquer inside, outside and loop-the-loop curves all together.


  • The Art of Foiling Inside Curves, showing how to foil the most difficult curves neatly and give your finished panels a professional look.

After that, nothing will faze you. You'll be able to cut any shape and tackle more rewarding projects with confidence.

  • IMAGE: Milly's online student Ed Parker Cutting Curves for Granddaughter's Mandala!

How Does The Course Work?

Here’s how the course is going to work:

  • When you sign up for Conquering Curves you’ll get instant access to the entire programme.
  • You can work through the course in your own time and at your own pace.
  • We're proud to offer lifetime access...there is no time limit.

If you have any questions or concerns about the course feel free to contact us on questions(at)everything-stained-glass.com

100% Money Back Guarantee

I'm not out to trick you into a purchase you don't need. What I want is for you to be confident at cutting curves. To know that badly fitting curves won't spoil your finished pieces. I want you to nail those tricky curves once and for all.

Experience has proved to me that this course will help you reach this goal. If for any reason it doesn’t work for you I'm happy to give you 100% refund within 30 days of purchase. You are welcome to keep the Bonus, whatever your decision.

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Build confidence in cutting curves and relax into the magic of making gorgeous stained glass